Actions of solidarity to support People’s War in India

The International Committee to Support People’s War in India called for international days of action from 30th of January to 1st of February. On this occasion it was focused on the great struggle of the Indian working class, which proved once again that it is a force that can shake the world! Also in Austria numerous activists took part in different actions and also the „Antifascist Action – Infosheet “ supported this very good initiatives. Supporters of the People’s War in India and anti-imperialists called for firm solidarity with the struggles of the working class in India to develop and strengthen the connection of the workers worldwide!

In the following we publish reports and pictures that were sent to us through correspondence and by the Committee to Support People’s War in Austria:

In India, a country which the bourgeois media likes to call „the world’s largest democracy“, the poorest of the population not only have to live on less than € 0.25 a day, but there is also political terror against the masses. The general situation in India was illustrated with information events, which were held in three cities. The importance of the Austrian capital, which also makes its profits on the artificially built slave market in India and is also decisive in the oppression and exploitation of the farmers, students, workers and women, was also emphasized.

Anti-imperialists from Linz showed their solidarity and support for the People’s War in India by embellishing companies like Strabag, Rosenbauer and Plasser & Theurer with posters and banners in support of the People’s War in India. Wall newspapers and leaflets were distributed, which clearly showed that Austrian capital is also squeezing its profits out of the workers in India.

Because it is especially Austrian companies like Voestalpine, Strabag, Rosenbauer, Red Bull, Plasser & Theurer, Raiffeisenbank and many others who exploit and oppress the workers and farmers in India. For example by granting micro credits to farmers who can not pay them back due to the high interest rates and are driven into suicide on a massive scale, as it is done by Raiffeisenbank. Furthermore, the Rosenbauer Group produces not only fire-fighting vehicles, but also water cannons, which are used specifically against democratic activists, revolutionaries and communists worldwide (!). The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is appealing to companies and „start-ups“ to set up their locations in India, as there „quick profits“ can be made. With the campaign „Make in India“ it will be especially easy for the Austrian capital to get their profits out of the working masses in India, with facilitated approval procedures and repatriation of investments and profits!

But the workers, peasants, students and women in India resist and struggle against these anti labour methods (the new and old one) not only with general strikes. The masses in India resist organized under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the biggest revolution in the world.

The attacks of the Indian state against the working class are not only growing in size within anti-working-class laws, but the offensives against the revolutionary and communist movement are also becoming sharper. Thousands of democratic activists, revolutionaries and communists are arrested, tortured and murdered. The war, which is being waged against the people with the support of the main imperialist of the USA, is answered with the people’s war, the plans of the ruling class are met with deeper and deeper blows. No matter how big the offensives are (for example, „Operation Green Hunt“ – an offensive of the state against the revolution was financed with 18 billion US dollars) the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the broad solidarity and support among the people is getting even bigger. Also the new plans of the imperialists like the new privatization measures or the new offensive called SAMADHAN, which aims to completely destroy the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the revolutionary and communist movement by 2022, will not be fruitful, because the Indian workers, peasants, students and women know that only under the leadership of the Communist Party an end to exploitation and oppression can be achieved!

The solidarity work in support of the People’s War in India was energetically taken up and carried out by the activists during the three days of action in Austria. In total, the solidarity work was organized in four federal states. Besides information evenings, graffiti were applied and actions with banners were carried out.

Besides numerous other activities, members of the „Free Théo Committee“ also showed their solidarity, who also pointed out the struggles of the working class in India in an action to support the poor masses of the people.

An activist who had been involved in past solidarity work in support of the People’s War in India and the campaign for the release of Comrade Ajith emphasized the considerable importance of the solidarity campaigns, pointing out that only the strength of the People’s War and the high level of international solidarity brought about Comrade Ajtih’s release!

Support the people’s war in India!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Lal Salam!

Committee to Support People’s War in India (Austria)

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