November 25: Struggling women on the streets of Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck!

Report: 25th of November 2019, International day against violence against women

On this year‘s 25th of November struggling and revolutionary women organized under the slogan: „No step back in the struggle against violence against women!“. With posters, leaflets, meetings and events in various cities, they called up for actions, demonstrations and also contentual debate and discussion.

Due to the Red Women‘s Committees (1) good initiatives could be developed together with struggling and class-conscious women. These initiatives stood out especially because of their liveliness. In various talks, which were led by our correspondents of the „AfA“ with activists, it was shown that important discussions on questions of demands and a political program of class-conscious women have been started. The activists told that several important results were those demands, which were spread before and on the demonstrations. (Press here to see the leaflet)

Around 150 women were participating at the demonstration in Vienna. There was a very combative and lively atmosphere, which was noticeably spread especially through the initiative of the Red Women‘s Committees. Many migrant women were participating and various women joined the demonstration also spontaneously. The slogans of the activists, or rather the „Red Women“, „12-hous-working day? This is shit! Child-care at working hours!“, as well as „Youth welfare office and police, both in service of exploitation!“, were shouted powerfully in the whole demonstration. Also the path-leading slogan „Proletarian feminism for Communism!“ was shouted often and many women participated to shout this slogan. That made a serious, determined and combative impression on the demonstration. Especially the demonstration-speech of the Red Women‘s Committee Vienna stood out. In the speech it was clearly highlighted, that the struggle against violence on women is a struggle directed at the revolution, but against patriarchy and capital. In that sense, according to the activists, the struggle for economical and political rights of women has to be developed. There was repeated applause for the speech. Also the pictures of the communists Eleanor Marx-Aveling and Hedy Urach, which were carried on the demonstration, stood out. Especially Eleanor Marx-Aveling, the daughter of Karl Marx, the founder of communism, caught a lot of interest and support. One Red Woman told: „The 25th of November was an important success for the Red Women‘s Committees. Especially the fact, that the clear perspective of the struggle against capital and patriarchy was present during the whole demonstration, was an important success!“

In Innsbruck around 400 people participated at the demonstration, mainly women of different age and origin. A banner with the slogan „Women don‘t live isolated – only if we resist and struggle something will happen“, caught positive attention. Around that banner the initiative of starting to shout slogans loudly was taken up repeatedly. A „Red Woman“ from Innsbruck told to the „AfA“: „It was an important contribution, to give a combative expression to the demonstration. There was a lot of music and partly very pacifist slogans like „Whether soft or militant, important is resistance“, so we replied with slogans like „Long live the partisans“.“ Especially the tight closing of ranks with Turkish and Kurdish women was apparent. That expression of internationalism was strongly emphasized among others with the slogan „Long live international solidarity“. „Our slogans and demands were well received and supported by many people. The demonstration showed a good potential, which now has to be developed further!“

Also in Linz, where normally there is no demonstration at that day, there was set a very good initiative by making an unannounced action. That was the first time, or at least since a very long time, that an action took place at that day in Linz. In the midst of the city center a banner was stretched across the street and with Bengal light the slogans and demands for the day against violence against women were spread loudly. One activist said proudly: „Our goal was to show also in Linz, where normally this day would pass quietly, that we are not willing to step back in the struggle against violence against women. That is why we did that action. That is no day to stay peaceful and quiet, on the contrary, that is the proper day to set combative actions in the middle of the street!“ Beside a banner which says: „No step back in the struggle against violence against women!“, the flag of the Red Women‘s Committees was presented proudly in the action.

The responses of different activists showed clearly: everywhere where actions were organized by the Red Women‘s Committees, there joined people which otherwise are not attending demonstrations. So a fresh breeze was brought into the women‘s movement. For certain that are important successes, but at the same time an activist of the Red Women‘s Committees stressed: „the activities also showed us important deficiencies, which have to be removed in the coming period. As Red Women‘s Committees we set ourselves ambitious objectives, with the goal to consolidate on a national level. For that goal it is important to intensify our work, to mobilize the women which are passive up to now even more decisively with the correct policy. And to understand us even more as a part of the international revolutionary movement. We know: the struggle of women is not isolated, we are absolutely determined to make women a strong force within the class struggle. For doing that the 25th of November, with its important successes as well as its deficiencies, was an important and strong step forward!“

Women don‘t live isolated, only if we resist and struggle something happens!


(1) The Red Women‘s Committees are an organization of communist and revolutionary women, which, within the women‘s movement, persue the orientation of the socialist revolution and thereby understand themselves as part of the international and revolutionary movement.

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