In Bulgaria, as Austria: For a health system in the service of the people!


In the following we publish a correspondence about a successful meeting, which we received from activists in Linz. There was made a reported about the struggles of the workers in the health and care sector in Bulgaria (also see the article: Exemplary determined struggle) and discussed about the situation in Austria:

In Bulgaria, as in Austria: Against exploitation, corruption and for a health system in the service of the people!

„Our uprising of struggle is true emancipation. It’s an international struggle, so it’s our plan to organize ourselves internationally.“ said one of the organizers of the struggling nurses in Bulgaria. As Red Women’s Committee Linz we support the justified struggles in Bulgaria! Last week, together with individual activists and nurses, we organized a meeting to discuss about the situation and struggle in Bulgaria, as well as in Austria.

Workers from the care and health sector, workers from other branches as well as pupils, who together expressed their solidarity with the struggles in Bulgaria, took part!

It was much discussed and especially emphasized that the struggling nurses in Bulgaria are above all a good example of having no illusions in the official (thoroughly corrupted) trade unions and in the promises of the rulers. They show what it means to trust in one’s own strength. Current developments in Bulgaria also show that nurses remain steadfast: On 16 October they temporary occupied the Ministry of Health and blocked the road in front of the building, after once again no solution was in sight during the negotiations. They did not let themselves be fobbed off with small concessions, but announced from the Ministry of Health:

Our meeting (…) is over, but we, the medical specialists refuse to leave this institution, because it is responsible for the situation in which the health care is at the moment! We say that we will stay there until the real solution of the problems begins, no matter how long it is.

But not only the struggles in Bulgaria were discussed, also the condition and the working conditions in the health and care sector in Austria, as a topic that does not „only“ concern the workers of that sector, but the majority of the population: The waiting times are getting longer and longer, necessary medical services are no longer paid, patients often have to dig deep into their own pockets in addition to taxes and insurance. For those who work in that sector, the lack of personnel is particularly important. If someone falls out, often these jobs are not replenished, more and more patients has to be in charge of one nurse, the nursing key is deliberately changed in favor of savings.

One nurse began to talk about her daily work by asking the others: „How long do you need in the morning for daily hygiene? Showering, brushing your teeth, hairdressing, perhaps make-up, applying cream…“. Then she explained: „Imagine that we have one nurse with 12 patients in the morning, about five of them who cannot move at all.” In many hospitals, old people’s homes, single departments (especially in the area of psychiatric long-term care) the situation is already „criminal“. On the one hand because the care cannot be guaranteed with too few personnel and on the other hand because the nurses often make themselves punishable, because they take over activities, which do not fall within their range, for which they have no training. Where the nurses agreed: Too many are already overworked, tired and burnt out!

For more personnel for the health care sector, raising the nurse-patient ratio!

In addition, activists who distributed leaflets in front of hospitals in Linz reported that there was great solidarity from the patients. Because everyone knows that if the nursing staff is in bad conditions and that if there is a shortage of staff, the patients also are also would be in bad conditions!

At the end of the discussion it was clear: It takes a common, uniform and independently struggle against the current conditions in the care and health sector, for a health system in the service of the people!

Solidarity with the struggling nurses in Bulgaria!

Do it like the struggling nurses in Bulgaria: Resist and struggle!

The struggle for a health system in the service of the people is justified!


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