Report: Varied and powerful activities for the boycott of the EU election

In the following, we have collected some impressions of actions against the EU election. We are looking forward to further pictures and reports, which you can send to us via!

Hardly any election of the EU was presented as „fateful“ and „important“ as the past one. Despite huge effort, enormous propaganda, millions of taxpayer money, as well as the so-called „Ibiza scandal“, which was brought to the public shortly before the election, the outcome of the election in the various countries of the EU showed one thing above all: The ruling parties had great losses and voter turnout could not be lifted decisively.

That is why it is all the more crucial, that in this election the activities for the EU election-boycott did not only take place in many different countries, but were even carried out through joint statements and calls in strong internationalist bonds. In Austria, many activists took part to spread the slogan „Down with the EU! Down with imperialism!“, as well as “Long live internationalism!“ with extensive commitment, and thus establish a strong closing of ranks with the broad parts of the population, which reject the EU. Especially the lowest parts of the population, the migrants, the workers and the youth have little illusion in the EU, because they have often learned for themselves that the EU means above all racism, increased exploitation, social cuts and unjust wars!

An antiimperialist activist from Vienna told our correspondents at an event against the EU: „As struggling activists in Austria, we have been particularly inspired by an antiimperialist call against the EU, that demonstrated the unity of the revolutionaries and antiimperialists from the oppressed, as well as from the imperialist countries in the EU, and which gave us the clear task of boycott in the spirit of international solidarity! We are spreading the active election boycott as a lever, in order to firmly unite us with the workers and migrants which are the most oppressed by the imperialist EU alliance. We have made the experience, that many do not believe the lies of a “peaceful and democratic Union”, but firmly reject the EU as an imperialist and military alliance!”

In many cities of the country very diverse and powerful activities against the EU election were organized. With spontaneous manifestations, posters, banners and discussion events, the EU election was very well used to strengthen the unity of the oppressed and exploited against the EU through joint action!

Down with EU and capital!

Long live international solidarity!

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