Report: Discussion Event about India


Another event of solidarity with the peoples war in India took place:

On February the 23th an event took place in Vienna, organized by the Committee „Indian Solidarity“ on the question: „India: A developing nation or colony? And the question of the new democratic revolution“. It was an important event for getting a better understanding for the situation in India, and to strengthen the solidarity with the peoples movement in India.

A major part of the discussion was, amongst other things, disproving the deceitful theories about the character of India. The presentators made it clear that India is in fact no so-called „developing nation“, no „new-imperialistic country“*, but on the contrary a country that is ruled by foreign powers, and is being exploited and oppressed by the imperialists.

(*The speakers pointed to the following article as an important basis for the discussion: „Über den Chauvinismus in der ICOR und die These der „neuimperialistischen Länder“)

But it was also shown, giving many current and vivid examples, that this rule produces a strong and widespread resistance that the imperialists and their lackeys find harder and harder to suppress.

Especially two examples raised the interest and the anger of the visitors. On the one hand the heroic fight for national liberation, lead by the people of Kashmir against the Indian aggression, that despite heavy casualties on the side of the Kashmir people does not loose any of its power.
On the other hand the visitors were shocked to learn about the especially brutal manifestations of the patriarchy under the semi-feudal conditions and under the terror of Hindu fascism.
It could be shown very clearly that both only serves the capital interests of the imperialist powers and also both is being held in place by them.

For that reason all the struggles of the women and the nationally suppressed minorities have to be fought in consequence against the imperialist rule. It was in this context that the tasks and the necessary of the new-democratic revolution was made clear in the presentations. The new-democratic revolution is a revolution that is directed against the foreign rule of Imperialism, that also has the task to solve the problems of semi-feudalism. The specific task and role played by the communists in this revolution will be the topic of the next event organized by the committee for „India Solidarity“, as was being announced. Activists of the committee also called upon the visitors to participate actively in the coming international actions for release of comrade Ajith, which was met with great interest and support.

The event was ended with a red salute to the struggling masses in India, with a loud „Lal Salaam“.

Solidarity with the peoples war in India! Support the upcoming actions for the release of comrade Ajith!

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