ROMANIA: About the mass protest in August

We are very glad to publish the following interview, which was taken from the „AfA“ with the Communist Party from Romania, concerning the mass protest in August this year.

Interview with the Communist Party of Romania about the mass protests in August

AfA: Last month were more than 100.000 people on the streets, to struggle against the government. What were the main demands of the masses?

The demands of the masses were to change the current government, because they believe that the current government is corrupt and full of people who should not be there. Some parts of the protest also have been supporting imperialism, because some protesters waved American flags. The protesters want to replace a capitalist government with another capitalist government, that is literally as corrupt as the one who is ruling right now. Here is a list of governments taken down by the street (excluding the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) government): Ponta Government, Mihai Tudose Government, Sorin Grindeanu Government and Sorina Dancila Government. The demonstrators have the following slogans : „Fara Penali in Functii Publice“ (No Criminals in Public Functions), „#rezist“ (#resist) and „Jos Comunismul“ ( Down with Communism). The demonstrators believe that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is communist, despite the fact that it isn’t. To sum up the demands of the protests: No corrupt people in the government, no communists in the government (there are no communists in the government), replace the Dancila Government with a liberal government and some of them want to ban PSD.

AfA: Lots of Romanian people who live in foreign counties attended the protests. Why especially at this demonstration? Is it true, that the protests are controlled from abroad like some government agencies claim?

The demonstration was organized especially for the Romanians who live in the foreign countries. Romanians from around the country also came for the protest. We are not sure if it was organized from abroad, but it is possible. We don’t support the actual government either and we cannot believe the government agencies.

AfA: Is there a difference in comparison with the big protests in the beginning of 2017 and the protests in the beginning of 2018?

Not too much of a difference, there was just a little more violence this year. The protests from the early 2018 were larger than the one that was last time. Around a million people came in the beginning of the year.

AfA: President Klaus Iohannis presents himself as opponent of the violence against the struggling people. Which role does he play, also regarding the European Union?

Literally every president we had after 1989 is more or less a puppet of the west, they just represent different interests. Klaus Iohannis, like other presidents, let all the other European countries to exploit us. Austria is taking away our forests, most of our agriculture is owned by the European Major countries, our industry is destroyed to make place for the foreigners. In conclusion: Klaus Iohannis, regarding the European Union, he is like a puppet and he does not care about this country.

AfA: What is the attitude of your party in these protests?

We see that a big part of the demonstrators just want to change the side of the coin (they think that they will change the coin entirely). The protesters are from an organization called #rezist. In one point they are also used for the interest of the rulers. Here, in Romania it is a war between bourgeois and bourgeois. Rich men have different interests, but all of them serve the West. The National Liberal Party (PNL) and the PSD are the ‚battling‘ parties. They both have members from a party that was taken down by the people (PDL) through a referendum and they both formed an union a few years ago for a short time, the Union of Social Liberals (USL).
There were many governments taken down by the people, most of them were from PSD (like the actual government), most demonstrators being from Save Romania Union (USR) and PNL. We can not have illusions in these major parties, they are all reactionary.

AfA: What lessons can the antifascists and revolutionaries take from it for future struggles?

We believe, that the protests have some good things in it, like denouncing the corruption of the government. Here we should not forget those demands that only want to replace the current government with another corrupt government. It can be seen that the law was enforced more and more at the last protest, the government is getting more and more oppressive. The struggles against corruption will be more aggressive, just like the authorities.

AfA: Thank you for the Interview!

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