Austria: Successful start for the upcoming protests and struggles against the EU!

The first summit in the setting of the austrian Presidency of the EU, which was set in Innsbruck, was answered with an successful and combative start of the protest against the EU, this rotten alliance!

The demonstration on Thursday in Innsbruck started at 18:30 and lasted nearly until 21:00. Between 2500 and 3000 people joined the demonstration (the police said like always an much smaller number: about 600, says the first article in the „Tiroler Tageszeitung“ (Daily News in Tyrol).

Not only in numbers, also the good and combative mood of this demonstration is an important victory and a demand for all the upcoming protests and activities against the EU to base on this good level and to further develop!

Huge Parts of the demonstration targeted the surveillance and many participants carried self-made „surveillance cameras“ with them. Also antifascism and the condemn of the ruling asylum politics where expressed in banners and signs. In a whole the demonstration was differently composed, the majority were young people with different orientation, but older people joint it as well.


An clear standpoint on the EU (not only on single aspects or questions) was expressed, what we know until now, only on one banner: „Down with EU and Capital! Hold high Internationalism!“. This banner was carried by the biggest block in the demonstration with a very lively and combative mood. According to reports it was an internationalist block, with an great participation of activists from „Partizan“, activists of a new, antifascist initiative from Innsbruck, the „Antifascist Collective Innsbruck“, struggling antifascists from whole Austria, and especially mentionable is with its loud participation of antifascists out of Southern Tirol. The block created good mood and its participants showed their just hate against imperialism, fascism and the EU alliance. To underline the slogans, parts hit the streets with their skateboards. Also many young people which weren’t organized anywhere joint the block and shouted loudly. Many slogans against the EU were raised. „At their summit, meet Imperialists, Exploiter and Fascists!“, was supported broadly. But also: „Down with EU and Capital!“, and „Down with the EU-army!“, beside the usual slogans. New was also one slogan on dialect: „At the edge of Europa the blood is flowing, and you say we should not care!“.


In an speech the necessity of the struggle against Austrian imperialism and the struggle against the ÖVP/FPÖ government were highlighted. In particular the international struggle was pointed out, as well as the worldwide rebellions and and struggles of the masses – whose rebellion is justified.

In the final (Annasäule, a very lively, central square in the inner city) beacons were unlighted and a last time slogans were shouted loudly. The mood came to its top. As the police took up position, took their helmets, standing closely ready for intervention, also the demonstrators closed their rows more and more, with an high level of attention and unity. This was an positive and good tendency, because also the unorganised parts of the participant were ready to defend the struggling ones, while the watchmen (of the platform Innsbruck against fascism) nearly go rough, even before the police made anything. This is neither „overprotective“ nor the obligation of this watchmen, but an totally reactionary position – against the struggle of the masses, against every revolutionary politics! The majority of the demonstration showed instead, that they will not subordinate themselves again under such an demonstration leadership, they joint the ranks of the struggling antifascists and revolutionaries and were ready to also stand against the police!

„Down with EU & Capital! Hold high Internationalism!“ The demonstration was an good expression of internationalism, and illustrated that also in the imperialist countries the struggle against the EU and imperialism gets developed, which is important for an close boundary with the struggling masses in the suppressed countries and nations.

In a whole it was an successful start for all upcoming activities and demonstrations against the EU, an alliance of warmongers and exploiter. This gained momentum, we have to take on!

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