Neuer internationaler News-Blog!

Liebe LeserInnen,

es gibt einen neuen englisch sprachigen News-Blog: Folgender Text wurde uns zugeschickt, den wir gerne teilen:

„Dear comrades and friends!

Hundred-thousands of communists, revolutionaries and activists are celebrating and defending the October Revolution this year, especially these days. Lead by the words of our great leader Lenin: “Everything is deception, except for the power!”, revolutionaries worldwide upheld internationalism, defending the worldwide struggle against imperialism.

Inspired not only by the October Revolution and its meaning to internationalism, but by the international activities and actions which took place worldwide to uphold and defend it, we create a new blog for international revolutionary news: NewEpoch Media!

The revolutionary world movement is having an uplift, worldwide the masses are struggling more and more strong against imperialism and new communist forces are forged within these struggles. To support that and to fight defeatism is the task of “NewEpoch Media”. It is not about being as similar as possible as bourgeois newspaper, but the opposite! With this blog we are going to create a revolutionary blog to serve the people!

Support us, and spread our news! You can find us on:!

Long live international solidarity!

New Epoch Committee, 7.11.2017″

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